15 Best Poses To Photograph Families In Spring TX

Photographing families is a very broad concept. These days, families may include a number of different people. Families without any children, families with several children, or single parents.

The photo session may also include additional individuals such as grandparents. This will take all your creativity and energy from all of your prior portrait photography experience.

To make your work as a family photographer easier, the following is a list of 15 family portrait poses that are my personal favorites.

1. Stay in a Single Location

It may be tempting to move around to different places after you have a good shot. However, that wastes time since you will have to change your settings and get the new environment composed into your shot.

When you limit your shoot to just a few places, then it will give you more time for experimentation. When you move your subject around it will provide you with different backgrounds that you can work with.

2. Details Also Count

You will end up with artistic photos if you focus on the feet and crop the image. The family members should stand close to one another. We recommend arranging the children in between the parents so that it emphasizes the difference between the kids and adults.

3. Change Perspectives

You need to crouch and point your camera up for this pose. Have the parents stand next to you and hold the baby and then have them look down in the direction of the camera.

You can play around with the focus and either just have the child in focus or all of them. Change the perspective and get creative in coming up with a continuous flow of different poses for family portraits.

4. Lay Down

We recommend that you use a picnic blanket or similar item for lying down poses. If you are on wet grass or at the beach then we recommend that you also place a plastic sheet underneath the blanket.

Family photography poses always work their best when the entire family is connected, and one example of this is when you have them lay down.

5. Kiss the Baby

This is an absolute must photo when a family photo pose has a child in it. The parents will most likely kiss their children even without instructions from you. Try to capture these genuine moments, but you also don’t want to hesitate to ask the parent to repeat that kiss if you happened to miss capturing it. They will be very happy to comply.

6. Child’s Eye Level

This pose involves having the parents crouching or kneeling near their child. It is a way to have all of the family members be at a similar height. It provides the composition with balance and also provides a feeling of unity and closeness to the pose.

7. Hug The Child

It is so natural for parents to hug their child that they won’t need too many instructions from you. We believe the pose works quite well when the parent is kneeling. That way, the child will be able to reach their parent’s neck.

It is also a good opportunity to take photos of the child with just one parent. Switching your subjects around can help you create many ideas for family photos from one of them.

8. Lift The Baby

This is a fun pose but you need to be very careful. You won’t want the child to get sick or fall!

We recommend that you only do this photo if the parents play with their child like this at home as well. And if they 100% certain that the move is safe.

9. Make a Train

This pose is a fun variation on the sitting pose. With this one, rather than sitting next to one another, family members sit one behind each other.

Just make certain that no one is blocking another family member from view. Usually, the arrangement that works best is from the shortest to the tallest.

This is an excellent way of creating family poses that have 5 subjects. You can capture some excellent poses from a simple set up.

10. Sit Down Style Family Portrait Poses

One way that we like to get our photo sessions started is by getting a couple of family portrait poses with every one seated. It is a nice way to get everyone comfortable with the camera.

To take photos of the family at eye level you should sit or kneel. One of the best things about this pose is it allows you to be at eye level with both the children and the parents.

11. Lean on a Wall

Another good option to use for family photo poses is to have them lean on a tree or wall. Usually, people find it very natural to lean back against something rather than standing in the middle of the road.

Another thing you can do is try variations of the poses. Both of the parents can hold their child up, or just one of them can. Or you can have the child standing upon a tree stump or, with the parents offering support.

12. Goof Off

Encourage the family members to play around. It will provide you with a great family photography pose. One fun trick that you can try with a toddler is to get them to pass underneath the legs of their parents.

That will give you a great opportunity to catch nice smiles and lively photos. It is a good way to get the whole family smiling together.

13. Follow the Leader

Here is another excellent sequential pose. Have the child walk ahead of one parent like they are leading them. It is a great pose for toddlers during the first few months after they start to walk. Parents really love those photos since that time period passes so quickly.

One fun variation of this pose is to have the second parent follow behind the first one, to create a human change. It makes for a great family portrait.

14. Take The Kids For A Walk

When it comes to family photography poses, it is all about having your subjects appear as natural as possible. When you have poses building on one another it allows your photoshoot to slow in a seamless manner.

Have one of the parents hold their child up as they are walking with their spouse. It is a really great pose if the child gets tired.

If there are two children in the family, each parent can carry one of the kids to create asymmetry for the shot.

15. Strolling Hand in Hand

This is a great family portrait pose. With this pose, the parents hold their child’s hands. Then the family simply walks naturally together.

You can have them look towards the camera. However, you can get some very nice candid shots if they simply walk as if you weren’t there.

So encourage them to walk and not pose. The parents will then be focused on their children instead of you.

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