10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Spring TX Newborn Photographer

Expecting a child is an exciting experience, especially if it is the first one. Questions will also have your head spinning amid the excitement. Figuring out who to task with taking the first portraits of your new bundle of joy is the last thing you want to deal with.

Babies look so cute and magical when in their newborn stage. Sadly, this is a phase in the baby’s development that will never occur again. That sleepy, curly, tiny, perfection will transform, and you need to capture and freeze those moments in time by taking photos. You should consider having the pictures taken by a reputable and experienced photographer.

Below are ten questions you should ask the newborn photographer to ensure that you pick the right one for the job:

1. Do you have any training in posing babies?

Low-cost digital cameras coupled with the increase in sites that major on photography have made it hard to tell if a photographer is the real deal – a professional – or is doing it as a hobby. Amazingly though, many of the photographers out there start their trade has a hobby and are self-taught. However, the ones with skills in developing unique newborn portraiture have acquired their expertise through training and attending workshops. They learned how to handle and pose infants safely. You should reconsider your options if you are dealing with a photographer that has not taken specific training regarding newborns.

One way of telling you are dealing with the right professional is by evaluating his or her work. Request to be handed a portfolio to assess the images. Are their many pictures of different babies in different poses? Do the little ones look comfortable? Are their faces visible and the photos well lit?

2. You prefer to schedule sessions for the infants when they reach what age?

Newborns will often curl up to the same position they were while in the womb; they do this for the first two weeks after birth. Many professional newborn photographers are aware of this fact and will do their best to work around that particular period, which is when the baby is around 5 – 14 days old. For more details, check out my other blog post – “Why take photos of a newborn in the first two weeks?”

3. How long have you been working with babies?

People that have children often feel they would be best suited to work with newborns because they have handled babies of their own. But an experienced photographer whose clients are infants will tell you that dealing with newborns is an entirely different ball game. Some babies like being rocked, some cannot go without their pacifiers, others liked being bounced, others like to be swaddled, some prefer laying on their tummy, and others are fussy.

Having the experience of working with different babies, and handling so many newborns give the photographer the knowledge and expertise needed to soothe these tiny clients, position them for the best poses, and everything in-between during the photography session. The photographer will know the best position for babies with reflux and will be careful, patient, gentle, kind and loving with the little ones.

4. Do you use props like hats, blankets, headbands, baskets, and hats?

Some photographers will pose pictures of babies on social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest. You can review them to see how they use props like hats, blankets, headbands, baskets, and hats. Keep in mind that the inclusion of these items in the shoots will probably increase the cost of having your newborn’s pictures taken. With newborns coming in all sizes and preferences, there is a need for different props in an array of sizes.

5. Do you do composites for various poses?

Images in which a baby is hanging from a prop or on top of one is done as a composite. In such works, the photographer will take several pictures of the setup and them to photoshop them to create one image. To capture the perfect shot, a parent will have to hold the baby during the session, and they are edited out in the final product. This is to ensure that the little one is safe and is not easily startled and falls out or rolls off a prop.

6. Do you have a studio or you can visit our home?

Some photographers have a home studio and some work in a commercial rental space while others will have no issue traveling to a client’s home. It is not the location but the photographer’s ability to create beautiful images that matter. Such a professional can create something unique in any setting, but will mostly work with what the clients find comfortable and convenient.

7. Do you have insurance and is the service on a contractual basis?

Given the kind of clients involved, every photographer that specializes in newborns and small babies must be insured and have a valid business license. You should request for proof of these documents because they will signify you are dealing with a true professional. Moreover, the photographer should have you a contract agreement to sign; the document stating the terms and conditions of the services renders.

8. Do you have trained assistances or other people with you during the session?

Most professional photographers have people assisting them when working. You should find out if there will be other people handling your child and be informed about their qualifications. In some cases, some photographers will opt to involve the newborn’s parents in helping them manage the little one, especially during the more challenging poses.

9. Do you feel comfortable with preemies?

Any experienced newborn photographer must have some knowledge of what to expect and how to handle premature babies safely. At times, such infants are required to stay in the hospital for days, weeks, or months. But given the delicate nature of the little one, you should find out if the photographer will be comfortable posing the baby. Keep in mind that the setting must be clean and safe before the session. If you are to have the picture takes and the photographer’s home studio, then find out if there are children or family member that could have been sick recently. Moreover, is the assistant that will help handle your baby vaccinated?

10. Will the parents and siblings be included in the newborn session?

Some professional newborn photographers are particular about the clients they take pictures of, and thus will not include the baby’s parents or siblings during the session. Conversely, some photographers have no issue about including the parents or siblings but will charge extra for every additional person. You should ask the photographer to clarify this before hiring, or the session starts.

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