Tips For Houston Kids Photoshoot

As professional photographers, we’ve seen it all when it comes to kids’ behavior. From the camera shy to the rambunctious, we’re prepared to take kids in stride and do our best to capture their personalities when they come in for a shoot. A lot of parents find preparing for a photoshoot to be stressful. We understand! There’s a lot of effort invested on your part: booking the photographer, corralling the whole family together, picking the best outfits, and making sure everybody’s scrubbed up for the big day. Want to make your photoshoot a fun experience that produces some outstanding pictures? Here are our best tips on the subject:

1) Make Comfort Your First Priority In Picking Kids’ Outfits

The best photographer in the world isn’t going to be able to hide the fact that a child finds his or her clothing uncomfortable. You may have a perfect outfit in mind, but if the cutesy hair clip or adorable bow tie that completes the look drives your kid nuts? Take it from us: You get better pictures from happy kids than from fancy outfits.

Take the current season into consideration when you pick out your kids’ clothes. Dress them in something that won’t be too cold or too hot.

To keep the day of the shoot hassle-free, make all of your clothing choices as far in advance as possible.

2) Fill Everybody Up & Bring Snacks With You

Hungry kids can add real headaches to a family photo session. If at all possible, provide a filling meal for everybody before your shoot. You should also pack plenty of extra snacks for the appointment itself. The best choices are convenience foods that won’t cause a mess. Snacks can be a powerful tool for calming down nervous or cranky children!

3) Pack Water Bottles

In Houston, Texas, the odds are usually in favor of it being a hot day when you bring your kids in for a photoshoot. To keep everyone happy and hydrated, bring along extra water bottles. Pack enough for everyone – parents included! Kids can start getting thirsty faster than you think.

4) Explain The Photoshoot To Your Kids In Advance

Set aside a little time to talk to your kids about the photoshoot and give them an idea of what’s going to happen. Soften up the ground by telling them this is going to be fun. For children that are old enough to understand behavior expectations, make it clear to them what you expect.

5) Help Us Aim For Natural Smiles

This is a huge factor in capturing great kid portraits. Don’t give in to the temptation to critique your child’s smile during the session! We’ve always found that the best results come from kids who are enjoying themselves. Rather than try to dictate your child’s expressions, let us do a little clowning and bring out genuine laughter and smiles.

6) There’s Nothing Wrong With Bribery

Positive rewards can be a vital tool in encouraging good photoshoot behavior. Anything that your child looks forward to – toys, ice cream, sweets – can be turned into a useful motivator. Let your child know that playing along and doing what they’re told in the shoot can lead to treats afterward.

7) Bring A Positive, Fun Attitude

In an unfamiliar situation, your kids are going to look to your mood for guidance. Relax, breathe deep, and do your best to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about perfection or making history here. Our goal is to catch an authentic snapshot of your family at this moment. Have fun with it and be yourself – your kids will do the same!

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