Tips On When To Take Newborn Photos In Houston

You are finally heading home with your baby and hope to settle in at home without any issues. The next thing will be to announce the arrival of your little one so that close friends and family come to celebrate the baby boy or girl. You may have to take newborn photos that you will share to proclaim your joy. What better way to send birth announcements to your loved ones and close friends that eagerly await to see the latest addition to your family! The challenge will be deciding on the best times to take photos of your newborn.

When To Take The Baby’s Pictures?

To capture those heartwarming images of your baby in the lovable curly poses, you should take the photographs when the little one is five to twelve days old. Do not wait for more than two weeks to take such pictures. You can liaise with our photographer before you deliver your baby so that you come up with a suitable date for the photo shoot.

Ideally, we recommend planning for the session to take place a week from the anticipated due date keeping in mind that it is subject to change. Babies will arrive when they want, but even then, you should have a tentative date that you will give the photographer. The moments when your baby will sleep curled up in the fetal position like they did when in the womb will quickly be a thing of the past. Therefore, the opportunity to take photographs with the little one curled up will only have a short window of time.

Consider booking the photographer at least two months in advance from your tentative due date. And do not let the excitement of taking the baby’s photos get to you. Do not take pictures of the little one earlier than five days after birth. The newborn is still adjusting to the feeding times and thus will be fidgety even when asleep. Things will go smoother once the little one is on a steady feeding schedule. You will have an easy time adjusting the baby’s poses if he or she is deep asleep. Ensure the room is warm, and the baby does not have any clothes on so that you capture those perfect newborn photos of your little bundle of joy.

If you are thinking of taking baby’s pictures after two weeks from birth, then you will have to rethink the photo concepts. Moreover, the baby might be awake during the session. Therefore, some of the pictures will include the little one with close on. The only thing is you are less likely to get the baby in a curled pose after they are more than two weeks old. At this point in the baby’s development, he or she will extend the arms and legs while trying to stretch. The timing should not be an issue for you if you still would love to capture a few images of your baby as he or she grows. You can schedule different photoshoots once the little one passes two weeks of age.

Use the newborn photos to document the journey you share with your baby. Such moments are priceless and timeless in your family history, and each is lived once. The images you capture in the form of photographs will be cherished for years to come. And when your little one is old enough, he or she will see the pictures and you will love how he or she will react in amazement.

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