9 Must-Have Photography Gear For Newbies In Houston

Photography is one of the most expensive hobbies you can pick on. This, however, doesn’t mean you should break your bank account to buy the best camera equipment for the hobby. While you’ll need the right gear to make the hobby worthwhile, you can still save a lot from the same. The first step to enjoying photography starts with investing in the essentials, then invest in better equipment over time. Here are some of the essential gear every newbie photography should have:

1. A Camera Tripod

The tripod is one of the most essential and necessary camera accessories. The tripod makes it easier to take long exposure shots and essential in low-light settings. Whether shooting wedding photography, night, street portrait, or landscape, you will need to set the camera up at some point.

2. Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release comes particularly in handy when trying to take still shots. With the camera already set up on the tripod, you can ‘take the perfect shot’ without touching the camera. This eliminates the risk of accidental blurring due to the camera shaking. Both the tripod and remote shutter release go hand in hand in photography.

3. Prime Lens

Although most people start with a single prime lens, those with mirrorless and DSLR cameras need several lens types. These cameras are equipped with an interchangeable lens system that allows one to change the lens as required for the perfect shot. A prime lens is, therefore, a must-have for a photographer.

4. Speedlight (External Flash)

Although most camera systems come with built-in flash, it’s advisable to shop for a decent external flash unit. Commonly known as a flashgun, the external flash unit makes shooting in low light settings and the dark much more manageable. Experts advise against using the built-in flash if looking to take high-quality shots.

5. A Battery Charger & Rechargeable AA Batteries

You always want to keep your camera fully charged at all times. The same applies to external flash units and anything else you require in the field. That said, you’ll need to invest in rechargeable batteries as well as a battery charger for the same. This should make sure your camera and other equipment are ready whenever required.

6. A Camera Cleaning Kit

Moisture, dust, and dirt will easily get into the camera accessories, lenses, and the body in general. Dust and camera lenses aren’t the best of friends and can spell disaster to your otherwise expensive camera. That said, you’ll need a camera cleaning kit to help keep the camera clean and free of dirt and moisture all the time.

7. Camera Strap

Almost every camera comes with a branded strap. As handy as it may seem, most of these straps are weak, uncomfortable, and almost always ugly. While this isn’t a priority, you need to invest in a good quality camera strap after obtaining all the other gear outlined above. You will soon notice the difference with the new strap on.

8. A Camera Bag

You need a handy bag to carry all the items mentioned above. Don’t go for any bag, shop around for just the right bag for your equipment. There are plenty of camera bags on the market to choose from.

There is more to photography than just the equipment. You won’t be a better photographer simply because you have the most expensive camera gear. The key to great photography is with the required skill. Take time to learn, study, and practice the art. This way, you will start appreciating everything you do hence have fun in the long run.

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