Tips For Houston Newborn Photos

Photographing babies is one of the most rewarding things you can – capturing the joy of an infant with a single click.

The following are some simple steps you can follow so that you can take perfect baby portraits.

1. Keep Clicking

Babies can be very unpredictable, so you can expect that there will be plenty of tantrums and tears. Don’t hesitate to keep shooting your camera instead of waiting for an ideal moment or pose since there is sure to be a winner somewhere in those 30 consecutive shots that you take.

2. Check Your Lighting

To get the best baby shots, take your photos during the day when there are lots of natural daylight available. Natural light gives a baby’s skin a soft focus. If possible, use window light in order to avoid harsh sun which has a tendency to cast shadows. It also isn’t healthy for a baby’s tender skin.

3. Get Them Smiling

When you are photographing a baby, you might have to ham it up to get a reaction from the infant. That can include making funny noises, playing hide and seek, or making funny noises.

There are many different things you can do to get a baby to smile. Have a partner or friend coax the perfect expression from the baby while you are taking the shot.

4. Use Simple Backgrounds

Usually, it best to keep baby shots simple. It isn’t necessary to have an overly bright or cluttered background.

One good way to make your photos look very professional is to lay some beige, grey, or white cloth over a chair. Put the cloth close to a big window along with the baby and some toys.

Focus on the infant’s eyes and put a spot meter on her or his face.

5. Make it Memorable

Try to capture moments of the baby with friends or family or engaged in some activity to get the most memorable photos.

Siblings, especially ones who are close in age to the baby, can give your photos some added interest. Capture them interacting as friends, eating, or playing together. Keep your distance and don’t try to force them to be friendly. Just allow children to do what they are going to do. Then take your photos from the background without disrupting them. Place the children in an area without any clutter that has plenty of natural light, like close to a big window.

Use your camera’s auto settings to ensure that you get a nice sharp necessary, and if necessary, allow the camera to select flash.

6. Be Adventurous

For timeless and classic shots, try taking black and white photos. They are ideal for photographing babies!

Consider contrast whenever you are shooting in monochrome; the most striking would be a black and white background, and for a dramatic effect have a contrast in lighting.


Babies provide a great opportunity to create cherished and beautiful photos, although they are not an easy subject by any means!

Think quick on your feet at all times and shoot many more images than you think that you are going to need. Be playful, friendly and open – if you seem awkward then the baby will also. And always have someone to help whenever possible. Babies need to be changed, they cry, they crawl. Having a helper or chaperone can really make a big difference and allow you to focus on capturing all of the finest moments.

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