Top 10 Maternity Photography Poses That Stand Out In Spring TX

They say that the best maternity photos should be taken outdoor – but this has been repeatedly proven wrong. Regardless of the location, maternity shoots can be done both indoors and outdoors and still yield breathtaking photos to add to your collection. It is just a matter of choosing a variety of foolproof poses focusing on the bump. Doing it properly will give the mother long-lasting memories for her to remember and cherish for the rest of her life.

Did you know that the pose may also may a huge impact and can determine whether the photo will turn out okay – or great? Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, here are 10 tips that you can take away to help with posing to have maternity photos that will stand out.

1. Do Not Focus On The Face And Arms – Focus On The Bump

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to experience and cherish, but aside from the glow and the new bubba that’s about to be introduced into the world in a few months, this also means that the mother may experience some swelling in some body parts, including her arms, legs, and face. When doing maternity shoots, which usually takes place on the 7th to 9th month of their pregnancy when the belly is rounder, remember to keep those arms away from the body.

Making them bend a little and keeping the face away from the body makes them appear less fuller than they actually are.

2. Don’t Be All Serious – Have Fun!

While maternity photoshoots and photographs seem to have an “intimate” touch to it, if the mother is up for it, ask them to play around. They can dance, have fun, laugh and don’t stress about it. Most of the time, the best photographs are those that have captured their genuine feelings and expressions.

When shooting with a couple, you can ask the mother and father to just casually talk. Maybe the father can say something nice to the mother, and vice versa. What will this do? Priceless expressions and feelings that will make amazing photos that they can preserve for the rest of their lives.

3. Use A Variety Of Poses

One of the amazing things about doing a maternity shoot is that it is super easy to add a variety to their poses – without asking the mother to move a lot. Make sure that you keep your subject relaxed. Remember, at the 7th to 9th month of their pregnancy, it can be pretty tiring so asking them to move and walk a lot should be minimized.

What can you do instead? As the mother to look at the father of the child she’s carrying, look down on her round belly, have the couple kiss and hug, hold hands or just casually have the mother look at the camera while the father is looking and touching the belly. Another popular pose is to have the father behind the mother with both of them holding the bottom of the belly.

There are different ways to showcase pregnancy without having to ask the mother to move around so much.

4. Not All Bodies Are The Same

Remember, not all bodies are the same, and not all kinds of pregnancies are the same. There are some poses that will work for one mother but won’t work for another. Some of the poses may not be comfortable for your subjects too, so you have to bear that in mind.

A great photograph usually turns out outstanding when the subjects in the photo are comfortable. This includes their comfort and convenience during the shoot which includes the location, and even their relationship with the photographer.

When you’re asking your subject to pose for the camera, just let it organically evolve and take it from there. Don’t be stiff and do one pose after another. Allow the interaction – you’ll be surprised that these in-between moments are where you’ll capture the best poses which results in the best photographs.

5. Include Children Too

Maternity shoots aren’t just about the mother and her belly – it’s about the entire family too. If the family has older siblings, have them join the session. This is a great opportunity to have the children interact with their parents and at the same time, get a chance to also capture their genuine feelings about their upcoming baby sister or brother.

You can always try and have the family walk a little, or have them talk and interact with each other. Remember you can never force their feelings and expression so have them interact with their mom and the belly as well.

6. Focus On The Belly And Use Hands & Legs During The Shoot

As mentioned earlier, a maternity photoshoot is about showcasing the belly – the upcoming birth of a new member of the family. While we don’t want to focus on the arms and the face which in some cases, maybe bloated, we can use the hands and legs as amazing tools.

The traditional and most popular pose is where the mother can place both her hands under her belly, or one hand at the bottom and the other at the top to emphasize the belly and bring it to a focus. Make sure that the fingers are close yet are not overlapping each other.

If the mother is standing, have her cross both legs – one in front of the other. This creates a curve and will bring more focus to the bump. Another pose idea is to have the mother bend one of her legs. It has the same effect as crossing them and it adds more shape, making her look less bloated and focusing on the bump at the same time.

7. Clothes Selection

Before the maternity photoshoot session, brief the mother and have her wear somebody dresses or tight ones so you can highlight the belly. This is the main goal of the photoshoot and it’s going to be easier to accentuate the bump with the right dresses. Adding some accessories some belts can also help.

While heels may help the pregnant look more glamorous, they aren’t recommended – unless of course, the mother willingly wants to wear them. Make sure to advise your subject that they bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes so they can rest in those in-between takes. Pregnant’s feet usually swell faster and having them wear high heels can sometimes feel more inconvenient and may cause swelling. Just take note of this.

There are some instances where the mother likes to have her belly photographed bare. At this point, have her face 45 degrees from the camera, facing the light. This way, her bare belly will be accentuated and will create more depth and add shadows for a more dramatic effect.

8. Use Props

While this is optional, some parents would like to add some props and have it included in the photoshoot. This maternity photography session is all about the pregnancy and showcasing their excitement towards the new baby. Some parents wanted to bring a pair of small shoes and sometimes use this to reveal the gender of their baby as well.

Regardless of the props that your subjects decide to bring during this shoot, make sure that you appropriately assign poses so you can still focus both on the bump and the props.

9. Include Dad & The Belly

We’ve talked numerous times about getting the father and other family members involved in this shoot. One of the most popular, yet still dramatic and effective poses is having the father kneel down while both his hands are touching the belly. Let the father talk to their baby and capture the expressions.

10. Just The Mother

Adding a variety and including other members of the family makes a great photoshoot, but you shouldn’t also forget to highlight and take a solo picture of the mom, loving her bump, capturing her genuine and solid feelings of affection towards the new baby.

A 45-degree angle facing the camera creates a flattering effect, where it focuses on the bump and the silhouette. You can play along with the shots. Close-up photos work well but don’t forget to take full-body and mid-length shots. Portraits are always the ones that stand out the most when it comes to maternity photoshoots.

As soon as you have enough portrait shots, you can then play with the crops and see which size works best.

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