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The right photography session for your entire family

My photography business has a single unique goal. I make sure that all my clients enjoy and remain with exciting memories. At the historic Old Spring Town, you will find our location easily. We offer a range of both indoor and outdoor sessions on the northern side of this town. We avail ourselves of style, vision, and setting detailed discussions. My packages are detailed to assist you to make an informed choice as you prepare for the session.

The tools available for session scheduling

To contact me for your session I prefer you use my email: info@deannaaddison.com. You will receive a quicker response to your messages. The other options include my website: www.deannaaddison.com. The contact tab on my website will guide you on what to do to get assistance. In addition, you can use the Facebook page.

The starting time for a session 

Photography requires some suitable natural light. The best times for this light is a few minutes after sunrise and approximately 2 hours before the sunsets. I take your newborn’s photograph at 10:00 am from Monday to Friday.

The suitable places for our sessions

You will find us in Spring Town or the Woodlands surroundings. This is where you can get most of our shooting sessions. We will arrange sessions 30 miles from 77389 at a $50 transport fee. We can communicate through my email, the pricing of sessions outside town. You can bring your new babies at my studio for photographs. The studio is in Old Town Spring

The features of my session

I offer all-inclusive packages. The session caters for maximum resolution download for all your edited photographs and print credit. I offer a bonus for major packages, which include a non-refundable down payment when ordering a session. The due date for the rest of the payment is on the session material day. The price does not have a sales tax.

What happens when I cancel my session?

I understand that some situations are beyond your control. Once this happens, you can get in touch with me through my email to discuss the way forward. Although the non-refundable retainer is not available on the cancellation of a session, it remains available for your use within a period of one year from the date you cancel the session. You can use it when rescheduling your session. If you ask for a different package, the retainer is applied to your new balance.

My experience rests on two extremes, as a mother and a photographer. The motherly experience takes the first priority. My two boys are a marvel and super active. They have given me the challenge of a mother and a photographer. We share both our worlds with them. These little ones have made me what I am. They have contributed to my career.

Sometimes I am unable to clearly tell when I started photography. When I was eight years, my parents had a very good camera. I could pretend to take pictures. While in high school, I was lucky to be among the yearbook staff. My first child got into the picture. I had to see him through all stages of growth and keep the memories. I photographed him to preserve all these stages and memories. The collection of his photographs brought me the realization of this lifetime career.

My studio, Deanna Addison is in the Spring Town of the Texas city. My specialty is in new babies, young children, maternity, and families. I have all-inclusive packages to suit the needs of these clients.

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