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About me

I am Deanna Addison, a woman very who is very passionate about photography. I am a mother to two kids who in a unique way happen to be my great source of inspiration to my photography career. 

Work is done with passion

I have tried to trace where I started building my interest in photography and I found out that it has been there since when I was a kid. At around 8 years old I had already started taking pictures with my father’s camera. I never took it as my job and it only came back when I was part of the yearbook in high school and I was part of the photography team. Ignoring the calling, I went silent again on photography till when my oldest child was born when it really reigned on my mind that now I could not ignore it again. I was so obsessed with taking photographs of my newborn until it dawned on me that I had work to do in the field of photography.

I then realized that I had a great deal of passion for photography and the best way to deal with passion is to embrace it.  

To make other mother’s dreams come true

Having a newborn is an experience that a real mother never forgets. However, having no records of the same would make one forget some of the memorable moments. There is a joy in the heart of a mother when she remembers her child’s stages of infancy and the far, he/she has developed. It is one thing to have a virtual picture of the child’s infancy back in the mind and compare it with the present. It has also been proved that there is no way this feeling can be embraced to the fullest except when there is a photograph of the newborn. The harmony of the feelings and relaxation of the mind brought about by gazing at the photograph, then reflecting the circumstances under which it was taken and how they relate with the current time cannot be avoided.

To maintain sweet memories of infancy as real as possible throughout all the ages is every dream of a mother and that’s what I wish to accomplish with my photography.

Photography sessions for newborns

Photography sessions for newborn children take place every Monday to Friday at 10:00 am at my Studio in Springs, Old Town. The ideal time for photography is a few hours after sunrise and around two hours before sunset; a time when lighting conditions are very favorable. It is your wish to enjoy the session with your child when he is in optimum activity and the conditions are very favorable; this is why I prefer the indicated morning time.

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