Professional Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photographer & Family Photographer In New Waverly, TX

Top Most Facts about Your Session

My core mission is ensuring that your session is both enjoyable and memorable. Normally, I provide different types of sessions both indoors and outdoors. Also, I am located in the historic Old Town Spring and most of my sessions are located on the Northern side of the town. When shooting, we will have a discussion on details about your setting, vision, and style too. In addition, I provide detailed packets to aid you to prepare for all your sessions. 

In Which Manner Do I Schedule Sessions?

It is actually very easy since you can send me an email at or visit my online platform through and hover to the CONTACT tab. In addition, you are recommended to send a message on my Facebook account but remember using email is easier since you will get immediate feedback. 

When Do Our Sessions Begin?

For enough lighting, the best time to start is some minutes after sunrise and about two hours before sunset. For newborn babies, we do photo shooting at 10.00 am from Monday to Friday. 

Where is Our Venue?

Most of my sessions are done in the Spring areas. I as well do venture into downtown as well as areas that are within. Normally, you are recommended to pay a little fee of about $50 for transit for about 30 miles from address 77389. For sessions that will be carried out of town, simply inbox me in my email address for pricing. For newborns, our sessions are conducted in my studio which is located in Oldtown Spring.

What is entailed in My Session? 

Every package is all-inclusive. You will have a session that includes full-resolution digital downloads of all images as well as print credit. For packages which are quite huge, you will receive a gift. In addition, you are reminded that you will have to pay a non-refundable retainer to book your session. The remaining balance is due the day of your session and sales tax normally does not apply. 

Do I have the Ability to Cancel My Session? 

Absolutely yes! But the amount which you paid as retainer cannot be refunded. If it is your wish to reschedule, your retainer remains valid for a period of about one year from the date of cancellation. This actually gives you a chance to alter your package. Also, the paid amount will be applied to the new balance. 

Recall that I am a mother and a photographer through photography comes second. I am blessed with two boys who are very active and this happens to be their world leaving me with no option other than living in it. 

Deanna Addison Photography is situated in Spring, Texas United States. She has specialized in children, maternity, family and newborn photography. Lastly, she provides different all-inclusive packages which usually suit all your requirements. 

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