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I, Deanna Addison am the co-founder of Deanna Addison Photography. My main objective during a photography session is to ensure that I make it enjoyable and memorable too. In place, their wide range of photography sessions that are conducted both outdoor and indoor. My physical office and studio is located in Old Town Spring. I normally hold many of my photography sessions from the northern side of the town. The shooting session does not start before I have had a brief meeting with my clients. Here, am able to orient my clients on the packages available and I am able to determine the expectations of my clients. During this meeting, I will determine the event for the session and determine your desired style and vision. 

I believe it is also easy to schedule a session with Deanna Addison Photography. I have a website that you can visit and use the interactive tools available to contact Deanna Addison Photography. My website- www.deannaddison.com has a contact tab. Deanna Addison Photography has a Facebook that can be utilized to contact me via sending a message. I also reply to emails received as fast as possible that have been sent through my email info@deannaaddison.com. 

After I have had a discussion with my client, we are able to determine to kick off the time of the session. Various factors are considered during a time set since there are photos that require optimal lighting for the best results. For instance, different shooting that requires optimal lighting should be conducted a few hours after sunrise and a few hours to sunset. There are also different factors that are considered while determining the venue of shooting sessions. This is because some sessions may be indoors while others might be outdoors. Thus, most of my outdoor sessions are carried out in Woodland area where by I carry out the sessions for both downtown and the nearby areas. 

Deanna Addison Photography agreement requirement briefly outlines that you are required to incur an extra fee of $50 if the venue of the photography session exceeds 30 miles from Spring. Regardless of the situation, you can email Deanna Addison Photography to get your pricing. We have a daily schedule for newborns where they are photographed in the studio from Monday to Friday at 10.00 a.m. in case of unforeseen circumstances; you can cancel your photography session and postpone it to a future date. However, Deanna Addison Photography allows you a fixed duration of one year after canceling the previous session. You are also required to provide a down payment that is non-refundable. If you place a down payment and the sessions are carried out smoothly by Deanna Addison Photography, you are required to clear the remaining amount at the closing date of the session. 

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