8 Reasons Families Should Do Professional Family Portraits In Spring TX

Having photographed a great number of families over the years at Deanna Addison Photography, we have observed that these families set time apart to do a professional family portrait because they have been triggered by various events happening in their lives. The main goal is usually the same for all of them, to portray the idea of “One Happy Family”. As simple as this idea may sound, it can be viewed in different ways.

There are different situations or events for each individual and family that may give them reasons to get a family portrait. We have put together the 8 most likely reasons families do professional portraits.

1. To Celebrate Major Milestones In Life

A very common reason people come in for professional photoshoot is to celebrate the milestones they have achieved in their lives such as birthdays, a wedding anniversary, a new addition to the family, having a newborn, a wedding or celebrating someone’s graduation.

Let’s not forget about baby milestones where they can finally lift their heads by themselves, lie on their tummies at around three months, sit up, crawl, or stand at around 6-9 months. Their 1-year-old-party is a big event when they are walking and running on their own while their parents run around frantically after them with a lot of joy. These moments are important to many people, and many would want to remember their lives with them. It is usually one of the main reasons people contact us for family photo-shoots. These can be done in our well-equipped studio, outdoor at a place of your choosing or your home.

2. A Family Member Is So Sick Or Dying

Life is wonderful until we receive saddening news that we won’t be able to live much longer due to our sickness. After the shock and sadness pass, all we want is to spend as much time with our family as we can. This is a great time to do the shots, to memorialize the meaning of being a family. The family pet should be included, too.

We have done a lot of family photo-shoots in this kind of setting. What makes the shoot great is the ability of the professional photographer to be sensitive, and to bring out the best in everyone and the individual with each shot. Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, someone in the family will need that one photo. Many people get the portrait done in time while some sadly don’t. So as you plan for the next family photo-shoot, include the grandparents and we’ll get you the “shots” in a very pleasant way.

3. Frustrated For Not Being Included In The Family Shots

Having tonnes of pictures of your spouse and kids is all nice and always feels good. What happens when you look through your phone and don’t see yourself in these pictures? No one wants to be in a situation where they are referred to as the “person who is not there”. Sure, selfies taken now and then are great but not a lot of them can be printed and hang on the wall to be shown and appreciated as art. As much as we hate it, they stay on the phone and if something happens to it then we lose all the photos.

I’m not trying to imply that taking pictures of yourself is not okay but merely wanted to make you aware that even professional photographers like us get people to do our family portraits now and then. Sometimes the thought of having “that” family photo may sound superficial, but in the end, all we are trying to do is portray a great family connection.

4. When Everyone Is Finally Back Home

Traveling has been made a lot easier these days, and it is not that strange to live in different countries and places from your immediate family. Even in situations where you don’t live that far apart, how much do you come together as a family and do something together?

Most of our day to day is waking up, going to work, arriving home late in the evening, playing with the kids for a while, sleeping and tomorrow is still as busy as today. Before we know it, our kids are all grown up, and our parents are getting old. When everyone in the family is finally home, it is a perfect time and excuse to get the not so urgent but family portraits or shots done.

5. When Family Members From Back Home Come To Visit

When family members that you haven’t seen in quite a while come to visit, it is a great idea to create memories that you can look at and be proud of in the future. Grandparents treasure memories a lot and giving them the photograph as a gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can do.

6. Before Someone Leaves Home For Work Or Studies

We can now easily take flights to other countries for various reasons as they have become more affordable. Most jobs these days require people to travel near or far for a long or short time. It’s a good idea to take photos to remember your brother or sister, son or daughter who will be traveling or moving abroad to study or for work purposes.

7. To Update The Family Portrait

As we walk past the hallway every day, we see that one family portrait every day. It’s only normal that one day as you walk by you’ll realize how much younger you look on the photo and just how far back the photo was taken. You sure don’t look like you used to anymore. You look older perhaps with gray hair and your children are now taller than you with even bigger shoe sizes. The baby in the picture who was probably bald is now all grown up with a head full of hair. There might even be a new addition to your household.

Grandparents are from an era where they need to keep saving and updating photos for memories. Life for them was not as easy and resources were not as easily accessible as they are today. They won’t ask openly, but deep down you know that they would appreciate if another family portrait was taken. Don’t make them wait too long.

8. Know Anyone Who Fits Points 1-7 above?

Too often we hear “this is not the year,” or “maybe next year”. Finding the perfect gift for somebody can be quite difficult especially when they already have all the material things they need. What else would be a more significant gift for them? Perhaps you should consider going to a family photoshoot and have some fun together. When you are done, having some fun experience with the people you love, get some beautiful photos taken and have them framed to give you good memories. You can have them displayed at your family home or workplace.

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