The Best Way To Take Maternity Pictures: Top Maternity Poses

Pregnancy is a very special time for any mom-to-be. There is a certain glow about her and most women want to capture the way they feel in a photo. However, every woman is different and a maternity pose that may capture one mom perfectly, may not be as ideal for another.

It is therefore recommended to figure out how do you take good maternity pictures for each pregnant mom. Let her try a few different poses to find one that captures the moment and the emotions that make pregnancy so special.

When Is The Best Time To Take Maternity Photos?

This is a decision that is best left up to the mom-to-be. However, if the idea is to display that baby bump in all its glory, then later is definitely better. Anywhere from about six months onward (or in the third trimester) is advisable. If shots have been taken earlier but are not satisfactory, wait a couple of weeks and try again when the belly is a little rounder. Taking photos every couple of weeks is also a good way to keep a record of growth and the different emotions that the different stages of pregnancy bring.

1. The Hands-On Pose

A pregnant woman with her hands on her belly is probably one of the most common and iconic poses for moms around the world. But just because this is a common pose, does not mean that it is boring or bad. It is recommended to get at least one shot of the mom-to-be with her hands protectively holding her belly and its precious cargo. The pose is best taken from the side or at a slight angle to capture the fullness of the belly while mom is standing. However, the hands-on pose can be effective in a variety of different positions.

2. The Bare Belly

Many moms want to bare that baby bump but may lack the confidence to do it. After all, pregnancy comes with many bodily changes that can negatively affect mom’s self-image. Lighting plays a significant role in hiding any imperfections that mom may be concerned with – as can the angle and the pose. Mons may also want to consider having somebody art that will cover the belly while enhancing it. Body art has become extremely popular in the last couple of decades for pregnant moms.

3. Alone Or Together

Dads, kids, partners and, friends can often feel left out of the whole pregnancy while the focus is mainly on mom-to-be. While solo shots of the mom are essential, it may be a good idea to include pictures with other people who will play a significant role in the baby’s life after birth. A photo of mom and dad or a relationship partner is essential to show the love between the couple and dad’s feelings about the coming bundle of joy. Kids may also want in on the action. While kids are notoriously difficult to work within photography, capturing just the right moment can make for a very special photo.

4. Au Naturale

Pregnancy is one of the most natural processes in life and keeping photos as natural as possible is a good expression of this. Too much makeup and flashy clothes can detract from the focal point which should be that beautiful baby bump. Taking photos in natural lighting, especially in the early morning or late evening as the sun rises or sets can be very complimentary.

Outdoor pics with mom surrounded by nature are also popular at the moment whether the shots are taken of her as an individual or surrounded by loved ones. Before you go to an outdoor maternity photoshoot, ask yourself about what should I wear for outdoor pregnancy pictures and the best color to wear for maternity pictures that will reveal my natural pregnancy glow.

5. The Fun Factor

While many maternity photographers tend to focus primarily on the seriousness of the emotions that pregnancy brings forth, having a little fun and including some laughter can make for very happy pregnancy pics. It can be easy to forget that the pregnancy is a happy event so have some fun and be creative with those poses and positions. This said it is still a good idea to have a couple of shots that capture the true emotion that mom, dad, kids and other loved ones feel about the pregnancy and coming baby.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with those maternity pics and include as many poses, positions and, emotions as possible. You can hire professional photographers to capture your best moments during photo shoots. They are experts in doing the job and for sure, they will give you more tips on how to pose and express yourself in the pictures.

If you don’t know whom to hire, you can search maternity photographers near me online and you will be redirected to sites that offer maternity photography services near in your area. Browse their website or Facebook page to see samples of their works. You can also read some reviews to see if how it is to be working with them.