The Best Color To Wear For Maternity Pictures

When it comes to getting pictures taken for one of the biggest moments of your life, most people are obviously very nervous and want to make sure that everything is going to look perfect. One of the things that can really make or break your shoot is the way that you look, specifically if the colors that you are wearing are going to be garnished or somehow stand out in a way that breaks the illusion.

Thankfully if you talk with your photographer ahead of time about the props that you are going to use, you can get a basic color palette based upon your options and what you want to do. It’s okay also if you can discuss it by asking how do you take good maternity pictures using these props? The more open you are to your photographer like saying what you want and you don’t for your pictures, the more likely you can get the results you want to see.

Your photographer will have an idea about the best way to take maternity pictures. Here are four of the most common prop types and recommendations to go along with them. 

1. Outdoors 

You may be thinking about what should I wear for outdoor maternity pictures and the color that would complement my baby bump? In this style, you may be in the woods, in a beautiful field of wheat, or maybe against a beautiful sunset. Depending on the time of year, obviously different styles will be available. There is one thing that is really important throughout all the seasons – keeping with more natural, earth-toned colors. This is because the beauty of nature, and the place that you take within it, is part of the shoot, making it important to show that you are a part of it, and not to try and outshine nature. 

For winter, deep greens, browns, blues, and even crimsons show up very well against snow and the general grey colored landscape that areas without snow experience during the winter. In spring, lighted things like pinks, muted greens, yellows, and blues pick up a lot of the fresh color around and make you really glow. 

2. Boudoir Style 

Boudoir style is where you can use things like lingerie, often have silhouettes with minimal cover, etc. It’s usually a more private type of shoot meant for your partner. 

In this case, most people love going with champagne pink, gold, baby pink with silver edging, and all things that are more sinfully delightful than fun and flirty. The best color is usually pink because it brings out the glow in your skin and makes you appear a bit like you are blushing, adding to the intimate nature of the photos. 

3. Bath or Water Based 

A lot of pregnant women love taking pictures along the beach, coming out of a bath with only their bump visible, and lots of other types of photos that involve water. You might not think this would have the best color, but generally white or very sheer green creates the most ethereal looks both in and out of water.

Pristine white photographs fabulously against every other color and can really help set you apart and elevate your look. In the water, gauzier white and green blends and softens lines, giving a muted look that is beautiful and creates a composition you will be proud to display in your home. Additions of blue bath tiles, flowers, special pieces of jewelry, and baby clothes will pop against white clothing as well, making for more striking images. 

4. Couple Based 

Many people want a shoot that focuses on both themselves and their partner, showing off the most important parts of their life together. Over the years people have themed their shoots around different fabrics, animals, and even funny props. However, choosing a color that can have a slight variation yet still mesh together for the main clothing worn by both partners can create a real visual synergy between subjects in the photograph. 

For pictures being taken with another person, a blue or green, leaning towards a more natural tone for one member of the couple and a more jewel-toned color for the other, will help create an amazing visual look. Don’t try to match, but instead look for something that compliments. Try and stay away from shiny fabrics for either person, but pair things like cotton with knits for more visual contrast. 

Hopefully, this has shown you the best colors to use for your shoot depending on what you want to do. You can always choose other colors, these are just the ones that stick out and really make your look and your photos pop. If you are living in Spring Texas, you can look out some Spring TX maternity pictures for your guide when choosing the type of props and colors for your photoshoot. Check some beautiful views around your area and bring out your creativity in taking good and unique maternity photos.

If you have any concerns, make sure to bring them up ahead of time and consider making the theme of your maternity and newborn shoots similar for added fun.