How Do You Take Good Maternity Pictures: 9 Tips For Taking Great Shots

Having maternity photos that you absolutely love can be a wonderful thing. After all, they are photos your loved ones will be looking back on for years to come. However, taking maternity photos isn’t the easiest task. That’s why most moms for example, in Spring Texas, preferred to hire professional maternity photographer Spring TX to capture the best photos that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

However, if you want to do it your own, there are basic tips you can implement in order to take the best maternity photos. 

Taking Good Maternity Photos: 

1. Lighting Is Everything

One of the main tips that you will want to utilize going into a maternity shoot is to get the best lighting possible. If you are going to be taking your maternity photos outdoors, you want to do some planning prior to the shoot. Ideally, you want to schedule the session right as the sun is beginning to come down. That way, the sun won’t be too harsh and it will provide optimal lighting conditions. 

2. Shoot For The Last Trimester

While you can schedule shoots all throughout your pregnancy, you want to look to schedule at least one during the beginning stages of the last trimester. This is generally when the bump is very noticeable. It’s best to plan the session prior to when things start to get very uncomfortable for the expecting mother. Otherwise, it can be difficult to have a natural photoshoot. But you don’t want to schedule it too early prior to the baby bump being truly visible. 

3. Focus On The Belly

When you are shooting a maternity shoot, the focus should be on the belly. There are plenty of ways to emphasize the belly. You can do this with different poses including having the expecting mother place her hands on the belly. You can also incorporate assistance from the expecting father by having him caress the belly, as well. With every shot, the belly should be emphasized.

4. Including Everyone In The Family

While you might want to shoot some of just the expecting mother, other family members should be included throughout the session. You want to incorporate other family members because they will be just as excited as the expecting mother and it can help you get the best possible emotion out of everyone involved. Therefore, you should encourage the entire family to get in on the action when it comes to shooting maternity photos. 

5. Bring Props

Props can be very useful when you are shooting any kind of maternity pictures. By using props, not only will it make the shot much more personal, but it can help those involved with the shot look much more natural. This can include anything from their baby’s first stuffed animal to their very first ultrasound. 

6. Looking At The Belly

This is a classic pose and it should be incorporated into the maternity session. The connection a mother has with her child is unparalleled. Therefore, the best way to showcase this one of a kind connection is by having a pose of the mother looking down at her bump.

7. Don’t Get Stuck In Your Ways

While you should always attempt to incorporate classic ideas and poses, try to get creative with the whole thing. By using your creativity, you should be able to bring out the best. Try all kinds of different poses to be certain you get good photos. 

8. Find Flattering Clothing

The attire can make or break the photos. Encourage the expecting mother to try on different clothes to find something that they not only look great in but also something that they feel confident in. Let her ask these following questions to herself:

You can give her suggestions about the type of clothes and the best color to wear for maternity pictures, but let her the final to decide. She should choose the outfit she wants to wear to make her feel beautiful and confident. After all, the confidence will show itself throughout the session. Therefore, the more confident she feels, the better and more natural the photos will look.

9. Experiment With Different Compositions

Another thing that you ought to do when you are trying to get the best shots would be to experiment with different compositions. Pregnancy can result in severe hormone fluctuation which can cause the skin to get blotchy and it can even cause breakouts. You can reduce the appearance of this by shooting in black and white. Therefore, it might be a good option to help the expecting mother look her best.

In the end, whether you are shooting on your own or you are hiring a professional, there is plenty of best way to take maternity pictures. By following the various tips above, you should be able to get the best results out of your maternity shoot.