What Should I Wear For Outdoor Pregnancy Pictures?

Being pregnant is one of the best feelings that a mother will ever have. Growing that life inside of you makes you want to capture every moment. This is the reason pregnancy photoshoots are becoming quite a phenomenon. For mom-to-be living in Spring Texas, you can look out some Spring pregnancy photos for your guide on your photoshoot. Some people are doing it and crafting the best style to show the magic that is having a life growing inside you.

Deciding the best outfit during this time can be quite frustrating, as you are aware that your body has changed and may feel a bit different towards yourself. This is why you need to choose something that makes you feel confident.

If you are the photographer, you need to realize how do you take good maternity pictures regardless of the changes in a women’s body. You must know the best way to take maternity pictures so pregnant moms can feel beautiful during her photoshoot. Figure out how you can make that person feel confident that she can express the beauty of pregnancy.

Here are some of the best options for an outdoor pregnancy shoot.

Maxi Dress

This is a perfect choice because it is comfortable and can show your baby bump when you are taking the pictures. It is long and covers up anything that you do not want to be seen. There are various designs of maxi dresses, and the best depends on how big your bust has grown. Lengthwise, you can opt for a dress that covers your legs or one that has side slits to show off your legs. In addition to that, the flowing motion is fantastic when captured on camera. Pair the maxi with a great pair of sandals and you will have comfort and style at the same time.

Flowy Tops

You can decide to wear a flowy top with leggings that are comfortable then wear a belt to show off the bump. You can also opt for a free dress then put the belt just above the belly. This is best if your bump is not too big as wearing leggings can make the legs look a bit skinny if your too far along, and you may feel uncomfortable with the result. 

Choose Solid Colors

You need the focus to be on the bump not on your outfit. The outfit should complement the bump when choosing the best color to wear for maternity pictures. Wearing solid colors accomplishes this. If solid feel boring to you, you can add accessories to your outfit. A great bracelet or a hat will do the trick. If neither seems good for you, tell your partner to compliment your outfit by wearing a patterned shirt

Body con Dress

If you do not mind showing off your curves, belly bump included, then you can opt for a body con dress. There are plenty of dresses that can stretch to fit the bump and still make you look great. You can pair the dress with gorgeous sandals or low heel boots if it is the cold season. Another close option to this is a pencil skirt. Choose a type that is not tight and mair this with a gorgeous top and you will have a great look. 

Think Out Of The Box

If you would like to include your partner, you can wear their shirt with a few of the buttons around the belly popped open to show the bump. Since it is outdoors, you can wear a pair of shorts with a shirt or leggings if you feel uncomfortable showing your legs.

Jeans And A Top Work Too

You can decide to go for the normal jeans, top and sweater combo. It is timeless and will still give you great pictures. Make sure that you wear jeans that are not too tight because an hour into the shoot will make you feel cramped and you may get irritable.

Additional Tips

Remember to include a sweater or scarf if the weather is cold. A cute scarf that is not too bold will be a great addition. You can also include a knit sweater that makes you look warm. Resist the temptation to wear heels as you may feel that they are comfy when you put them on but posing in them for minutes may be harder than anticipated. Keep in mind that you do not have to have one outfit. You can have a dress and a pair of jeans with a top as well. This will diversify the photos. 

Comfort is key when you are pregnant to ensure that you wear the clothes beforehand to ascertain that they fit comfortably so that you can avoid getting a nasty shock at the last minute, which could easily ruin your day.